And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

Inspiration Point

Whether you call it necking or making out, let Inspiration Point be your destination tonight. Inspiration Point has been the number one supplier of romantic green space for frisky couples of greater Milwaukee since 1954.

A quiet retreat just minutes from Arnold’s, Inspiration Point is the perfect place for couples just starting out, or couples who have been trying to get past first base for weeks. There’s plenty of parking. So don’t be a nerd – put on some Johnny Mathis and bring your lips to Inspiration Point!

Open 7 PM to midnight Monday through Saturday. Closed Sundays.

For the privacy and enjoyment of all parkers, please dim your lights.

VIP parking for anyone wearing a Jefferson High jacket.

Mention Fonzie and park all night.  

No rumbling please.

No demolition derbies either. That means you, Malachi brothers!

Remember, Joanie loves Chachi so don’t bother bringing her here. There’s plenty of chicks at the supermarket. Grab a shopping cart and find one! We heard Cunningham found his on Blueberry Hill.

Please do not leave open food containers, especially jars of honey, near your vehicle at any time as we have a bear problem.

Parking in cars may result in fogged windows, hurt feelings, torn shirts, muscle cramps, over-smooching, not smooching enough, obnoxious catcalls from annoying friends the next car over, getting punched in the face by big burly football-types who haven’t gotten over the gal you brought, and finding out your parents still come here.

Not responsible for lost homework, damaged vehicles or crickets spoiling the mood.

Don’t have a vehicle? No problem. Find a tree stump and SIT ON IT!

(Good one, Potsie. Thanks, Malph!)

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