Besides writing stories for this site, I have written professionally since 1997.  This includes brochures, product sheets, direct mail pieces, articles and more.  Here are a few of them:

Levies Are Necessary Until Ohio Reforms School Funding

Published in a neighborhood newspaper to rally voters around a school levy.

Telling Stories About Garfield Heights

Human interest piece to get people to support their city in the wake of a housing crisis, failing levies and shuttered businesses.

The Rascal House Story

Box topper to invite people to restaurant’s 34th anniversary celebration in Cleveland.  mega sheet 34th anniversary back

SBL Welcomes You To Pick A Position And Stay A While

To acquire and retain top talent, I described what it’s like to work for this particular landscaping service.  Ad needed to be timeless as it continues to run on Internet career sites today.  SBL welcomes you

SBL Brochure

Penned cut-to-the-chase copy for company brochure.  SBL brochure