Will Chet Get To 2nd Base?


Chet spent several years in the minors bouncing from team to team. He was primarily a shortstop, but would occasionally switch to 2nd base. The night before a game against St. Paul he got a call from Lester, the manager.

“I may need you to play 2nd base tomorrow. I’ll call you in the morning to confirm.”

When morning came, Lester had not called. This wasn’t like Lester. He always followed through on his plans. Chet went to the ballpark to study the lineup card. There he was, batting 7th. But no position was penciled next to his name. He got dressed and warmed up.

Fans started filling up the seats, and there was still no sign of Lester. Chet grew more and more anxious. As did Carl, his teammate, who didn’t know if he was playing 2nd or shortstop. Finally, Lester appeared on the dugout steps.

“Say, Skip…am I playing 2nd today?”


“2nd base. Am I on 2nd base?”

“I still can’t hear you. What’s the question?”


“Oh, sorry. No. Go ‘head and cover short today.”


Illustration by Joyce


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