Faithfully Departed


He was here. He made an impact on this world. He was a common, everyday man with a few bucks in his pocket. That’s what people told him. Count your blessings. Thank God for the man you turned out to be. You matter. And people are lucky for having known you.

The little things. A slice of pizza for someone who was hungry instead of throwing a few coins at him. Listening while the crazy old lady recounted in complete detail her life story. Leaving a 30% tip to the waitress who was having a bad day because he felt she could use the money for a new smile.

It’s crazy how life turned out. He worked harder the older he got. Or maybe it just felt that way because he got older and things feel differently when you age. Accomplishments that happened when he was young distanced the years that took place since, making him barely recognizable to anyone who had known him back then.

A pitfall, a setback, a trickle of water instead of a gushing stream. Someone always had it worse off than him. Persevere and be humble he told himself.

A lovely wife and beautiful daughters cannot be found in a wallet. Fifty years are golden but fly by like Blue Angels. Missing her heavies his heart and swells his eyelids even if there are no tears shed in Heaven. He was rich because he went to bed and woke up with her in his arms. She was his queen and he lived like a king since the days of Eisenhower.

And his daughters. The sound of their footsteps on Christmas morning haunt him in a good way.

Live your life and take a look around you. You have a story.

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