Ten Things That Occured To Me This Month

U2 image

Do you think U2 would have an easier time getting there if Bono used GPS where the streets have no name?

I bet it would be really hard for a comedian to tell jokes in front of crickets.

Readers might have been appalled if Lee Harper and Truman Capote collaborated on a book and called it To Kill a Mockingbird in Cold Blood.

I think no one has ever received a Christmas card from a bear because they are usually asleep during the holidays.

If Annie Lennox had written and performed Walking on Broken Glass today, I’d like to think that Bryan Adams might go on Twitter and say, “Annie, no one makes it right like you do…but walking on broken glass? It cuts like a knife!”

I think if cars knew how to type, bookstores might sell more autobiographies.

I wonder if Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias ever told their wives about all the girls they’ve loved before.

I think a person who puts his foot in his mouth is someone who is very flexible and close enough to people so they can still hear what he is saying.

I think if a salesman tried to sell ice to an Eskimo he would probably buy some just to get rid of the salesman who, because of his long-winded sales pitch, is letting heat escape through the front of the igloo…and heat doesn’t grow on trees you know!

I’m glad that somebody invented dog food because dogs were eating way too much homework and getting kids in trouble at school.

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